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In many countries around the world, tap water is dangerous to drink due to the composition of the water. For these countries, bottled water is a must. However, wherever in the world you are, and whatever type of drinking water you have, there is another way of purifying water called reverse osmosis.

What is reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a process that demineralises the water, therefore, making it safe to drink. This is carried out by passing the water through a semi-permeable membrane, or RO water filter. This catches all the harmful impurities which may be contaminating the water such as pesticides, lead, chlorine, or other chemicals.

This leads to not only safer, but also often better tasting drinking water, and many people choose this demineralised water over traditional tap water. This is sometimes the case even in countries where it is safe to drink water directly from the faucet.

What are the benefits of RO water?

There are several benefits of using a RO water filter. Firstly, this type of filter is easy to fit as it attaches under your sink, rather than having to dig up pipes.

As previously mentioned, it also provides better tasting drinking water than your usual supply from the tap.

Finally, as the tap water is made safe to drink through reverse osmosis, there is less demand to use single-use plastic bottles which is better for the environment. This process of filtration is ideal, especially for those who can’t drink from their tap due to their location.

Are there any disadvantages to RO water?

Whilst the number of advantages to using reverse osmosis, significantly outnumber the disadvantages, there are still a few to consider before rushing out to buy a RO water filter.

The main disadvantage is that the demineralisation process which occurs during reverse osmosis is not able to distinguish between good and bad minerals. This means you often lose a lot of good vitamins and minerals which are naturally found in fresh water. Depending on your diet, drinking demineralised water can lead to deficiencies and can affect your health.

Secondly, having a RO water filter installed in your home plus the regular maintenance fees can become expensive. Also, depending on which system you choose, the filtration process can take a significant amount of time to filter the water, which isn’t ideal if you regularly drink it throughout the day.

Have you thought about a UV unit instead?

If you are looking for a better value, filtration system which won’t remove the good minerals, have you thought about a UV unit instead?

With a UV filtration system, water is purified without changing the taste, smell, colour, or composition of the water. This means all the good minerals will still be in the water. It is also a faster process as it is cleaned as soon as it has been exposed to the UV rays, so no waiting around for clean, fresh water.

Here at UVO3, we are experts when it comes to UV solutions whether it is for the office, home, or a more industrial environment. We stock a large range of products for any situation and can advise you on the best setup for you and your workplace.

View our full range of UV products. Alternatively, contact us today to find out how we can help you improve the quality of your water.

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