With COVID-19 still being very much prevalent today, the word disinfection is on everyone’s lips. There are many different types of disinfection methods, but many can be harmful if ingested or can affect the taste or smell if used in water. However, there is one method which is neither harmful nor does affect basic senses.

UV also known as ultraviolet disinfection is a great way of purifying water, air and surfaces. In this post, we will cover how UV light can be used to disinfect air and how this can help our current situation.

How does UV air disinfection work?

Bacteria is a single-celled organism. This means they rely on their DNA to function; it is their way of spreading their nasty colds, flu viruses and worse. By focusing UV rays on the bacteria, it deactivates their DNA thus making them harmless. This works especially well using our UV air filters as it can effectively clean the air of infections.

What are the benefits of a UV air cleaner?

There are plenty of benefits of using a UV air cleaner. It is a safe and successful way of deactivating bacteria as it doesn’t add any impurities into the air and will not harm those who walk through the area once it has been disinfected. With viruses such as COVID-19, it has been found that the bacteria can stay in the air for some time after it has been released. This means that closed-in public areas can be a hive of viruses and bacteria waiting to latch onto their next vessel.

By using a UV air cleaner, you can feel rest assured that the air you are breathing is clean and free of bacteria. This type of disinfection is also perfect for places such as workspaces. Offices with air conditioning units and no opening windows can be the ideal place for bacteria to spread and grow even if it is just the common cold. With a UV air cleaner, infection spread rates are reduced dramatically, which means less staff off sick and a higher productivity rate.

It is also a great disinfection method in medical buildings, and food factories where footfall is high, and sanitisation is a top priority.

On a smaller scale, UV air disinfection works in homes as well to help prevent catching illnesses and colds which a family member may have brought home from work or school.

In summary, UV air cleaners can be used in any situation to help lower the risk of spreading flu, colds, and in particular, COVID-19.

Here at UVO3, we know how important it is to make areas, especially public spaces as safe as possible. With our range of UV filters, we can prevent the spread of COVID-19 and many other flu and colds which appear in the winter months and all year round. Speak to us today to find out how we can help you and your workforce stay healthy throughout the winter and beyond.

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