Ok so I get to make an announcement and I’m very excited about it. With great pleasure I am pleased to introduce a new line of units from Van Remmen. As of now, the new validated or ‘V’ series units are available, superseding the older ‘D’ range units. Now, unsurprisingly these units offer a greater treatment capacity when comparing physical unit size, this is due to them being more efficient. If comparing them to the D series models financially, these units are more cost effective per m³ of water treated. It’s a win win situation as far as you the customer are concerned.

Unfortunately this does mean that if you had a system you know you needed a D17 for, we’ll need to work it out again for the new series as we can’t make direct comparisons between the ranges, but apart from that there really are no additional negative points. Using the most current and up to date components and equipment, it’s just flat out a better system.

Now it doesn’t have any newly invented parts, we’ve just gone for pure efficiency and the V series is what came out the other end. The process that got us there makes us one of only a very few number of companies that have physical evidence of what our units can treat. This is opposed to CFD which is a theoretical treatment model which is what we (successfully) used in the past and what nearly all other manufacturers continue to use. When we offer you a V180, that unit has actually treated a 30m³/hour flow rate to a 30mJ/m² dosage successfully in real life testing. Not many people can make that claim.