At 1.2m long the D40 is the shortest Van Remmen unit that utilises their multi-lamp reactor design. It houses three long-life 120W lamps and comes with DN100 inlet and outlet connections as standard. The D40 is currently quoted as treating up to 89m³/hr of water and comes with Van Remmen’s most robust and efficient controller to date. It can be upgraded with a UV sensor, temperature sensor including dump valve if required and manual or automatic wipers systems. These options reinforce an ethos of flexibility that make the Van Remmen units versatile enough to suit any situation. It will be reassuring to know that the D40 has the Van Remmen patented flow plate in place.

Replacement parts are far more cost effective than the equivalent spares from several of our competitors and there’s not much we don’t know about these units so we can help you out pretty quickly if you have any questions when you’re installing them or while they’re running.  As mentioned in a previous blog, the flow plate helps distribute the flowing water evenly throughout the reactor to make sure an equal UV dose is given to everything passing through. The unit is pressure tested to run at up to 10 bar but for a modest price this can be improved to suit both higher pressure environments up to 16 bar, or hot water applications that increases the manageable ambient temperature from 35°C to a whopping 120°C (with an appropriate pressure drop).