UV Surface Disinfection

While mainly used on food production, UV surface disinfection has been successfully integrated to many working environments

UV surface disinfection has a variety of applications when sanitising factory and working environments. The UV technology can be used on conveyor style setups, making it a great surface sanitation solution for food factories and production lines.

UV disinfection can also be used for treating specific products and packaging as removing bacteria will increase freshness and has been proven to increase the shelf life of many food products – without affecting the taste, texture, appearance or quality!

Fruit, vegetables, meats, dairy products and salads have all been successfully treated with UV disinfection solution for many years. Packaging materials and containers as well as biological products are easily catered for by our UV disinfection equipment. This is why the main sellers of these products (Tesco and Marks and Spencer among them) already have this as requirement in their supply chain and why many of their competitors are implementing similar practices.

Some of the newer applications that involve static UV surface disinfection and remote operation are clean rooms and operating theatres. These are operated in an efficient and effective way where they turn on when the room is unstaffed, either manually or automatically and have promising results in both instances. This style of use is increasingly being used in experimental situations so if you think you might have an idea that could utilise it, feel free to get in touch to discuss your UV surface disinfection.


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