Wedeco NLR1845WS lamp endSpare parts from UVO3.

We keep an unparalleled number of UV lamps in stock and available off the shelf.

We deal with many different OEM lamps and stock all of the most popular lamps on the market today.

With over 250 types of ultra violet lamp available we can always give supplying replacements a go. As well as that we have an extensive selection of quartz sleeves available that complement the range. With quality being our ultimate focus, we pride ourselves on always sending out equipment we trust in. Our examples of replacements we can provide are Hanovia, Hydropur, Wedeco, Xylem, Willand, ATG, Van Remmen, Aquafine and SS UV units.

If you’re unsure about what you have then don’t hesitate to contact us for help.

Why do you need to replace your UV lamps?

The lamp looks like it’s working but they only last a year…

So the reason that the lamp continues to glow after the UV has run out is much like the smell in gas, it’s a safety feature and nothing to do with the job the lamp does. A lamp will often continue to light for years after the UV output has diminished.

Changing your lamp isn’t something to ignore.¬†While the cost might seem high but as the only maintenance cost of running the system and there’s a reason it’s installed in the first place.

While we’re here it’s worth mentioning the other parts that may or may not need changing on a UV unit. We recommend that the seals be replaced as frequently as the UV lamps but they can be reconditioned up to a point. UV breaks down the plastic in the seals so they’ll feel brittle to the touch once they’re gone. Quartz sleeves can be kept in good condition for 5-7 years depending on your maintenance routine and the main problem with them is keeping them clear of hardness. It’s only when the quartz goes cloudy that you have to replace the part.

Why is my lamp still on but not working? We can tell you!

How we became specialists in supplying spare parts.

Over the years we have accumulated as much information as possible given to us by our customers who want a reliable alternative to what is often a captive supply chain. Our lamps made in reputable European factories that share our vision for quality:

  • We rigorously check the quality of our equipment.
  • Our team closely monitors pricing to keep it competitive, economical and fair.
  • We source our products as completely as possible. Our aim is to source all the servicing parts if we can get one of the parts.
  • UVO3 are honest about the equipment we provide and the difference of the OEM parts.
  • We won’t supply anything that we’re not convinced is right.

By holding to these values, we have built up a large and loyal customer base both domestically and commercially. We will often work with our customers to identify their unit and give unbiased advice on how best to service their system.

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