We all love going to the swimming pool, especially when the weather is hot as it is a perfect way to cool down, as well as getting a good amount of exercise. But If water is left untreated then this can have a huge impact on the health and safety of the water. Untreated water can carry harmful bacteria which would be allowed to spread throughout the system, which in turn would infect visitors to the pool.

There are different ways in which you can keep your pool filtered and safe for your guests or paying visitors. For example, chlorine is mainly used within commercial pools as this is a much cheaper option. However, this option needs to be monitored very carefully, if the PH of the water changes, even slightly, it can have an effect on a lot of people. If there is too much chlorine added to a pool it can make the pool dangerous. High exposure to high levels of chlorine can cause lung irritation, skin and eye damage, and provoke asthma. As well as this, high levels of chlorine can cause the water to become acidic which means the more likelihood of corrosion. This corrosion can affect metal piping, equipment, and the surface of your pool (tiles, liners, concrete, etc.). It can also damage pool accessories and anything else that goes into your swimming pool water.

Whereas with a UV filter, apart from getting the equipment serviced the only thing that the owners need to change every year that would affect the water is the UV lamp. Using a UV water filtration system is not only safer but can help lower your organisation’s environmental footprint. The UV water system uses a natural resource of light to neutralise the bacteria that is found within the water and deactivates it from spreading or infecting hosts.

Depending on what system you decide to use, depends on how much work is required to keep the water safe for your guests. A chlorine system requires a lot of work to ensure the water does not become acidic whereas with the UV water system, the demand to ensure the safety of the water only occurs nearer the replacement of the bulb or if the amount of hours that have been used for is up.

So, whether you are after commercial UV water treatment services? Or UV disinfection for your home? Whatever your specification, UVO3 are sure to have the right UV disinfection solution and UV water filter for you.

If you have a question about commercial or domestic UV service, UV disinfection units or anything else UV water filter related, contact UVO3 today on 01480 355 446 or fill in our quick contact us form.

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