Over the years chemical disinfection has been used within the swimming pool environments, but with changing technology other safer disinfections are starting to take the top place. UV disinfection is much safer for both people swimming and the environment. There isn’t any product that is created which would normally be wasted into the environment. The UV light disables the bacteria that is found within the water and neutralises it so it can not infect and harm people.

There are many benefits as to why you should be using UV disinfection instead of chemicals within your swimming pool system:

Environmentally Friendly

As mentioned above, UV light is a natural source of light and does not create any harmful waste. Installing a UV light disinfection system into your swimming pool system would help you reduce your environmental impact, but it will also show that you care for the people who attend the pool by not putting their skin in contact with sometimes quite harsh chemicals such as chlorine.


When people and organisations use chlorine within their pool system, they have to pay for extra environmental safety measures to ensure that the chlorine doesn’t get into any other water source and to protect the environment around the pool. However, with a UV disinfection system, this cost is not needed it can even be used outside and does not require a building; UV is a physical, chemical-free process that adds no chemicals to the water.

Never too much

A benefit of using UV light to disinfect your pool is that you don’t need to maintain the levels within the pool, unlike the chemical counterparts which do need to be controlled with strict measures. If these chemical measures are incorrect it can cause people who swim in the pool to have reactions to the chemicals, but this wouldn’t happen with UV light due to its natural way of neutralising bacteria.

Whether you are after commercial UV treatment services? Or UV disinfection for your home? Whatever your specification, UVO3 is sure to have the right UV disinfection solution and UV water filter for you.

If you have a question about commercial or domestic UV service, UV disinfection units or anything else UV water filter related, contact UVO3 today on 01480 355 446 or fill in our quick contact us form.

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