With my early departure from the office this week, the blog is a Thursday edition. Exciting. After getting worked up to the brink of a frenzied state seeing that people were commenting on the blog, you can imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be personal injury lawyers trying to steal my thunder.  Regardless, I’m all about those of you who secretly have a water treatment fixation and may or may not want to comment on my content heavy updates.

Current events in the office include an upcoming site visit that involves Peter jamming himself into a very small hole. One he looks forward to with unhidable enthusiasm.  Also the highly anticipated, world renowned UVO3 barbeque is taking place this weekend. The chef will no doubt get a medal of honour for his efforts. Invites are available on special request. And for those of you wondering about the magnet question previously encountered, it turns out no-one knows. So it is now my mission to find a resolution to the problem. We’re going for the pipework, not the leaky tap.

I expect little resistance with my allocation of rewards this week. Peter, as the boss of UVO3 will achieve a platinum ‘Juggler ‘award, for dedication to dealing with multiple clients, suppliers and random questions from myself at the same time. This in no way has been given to curry favour on my own behalf! Then comes simple old me, I can only think of one award to give to myself, being so modest and respectable. This week I receive from myself, the ‘super mega golden star of awesomeness’ award, for almost 100% attendance and for sorting out UVO3’s mate Phil, again. Well done me.

Can someone who isn’t a serial spammer give me something to administrate. It would be most appreciated.