So as we look forward to another calender year, there are not no huge changes that we know of yet waiting to get implemented. So a couple of the smaller things we’re looking forward to including a table having wheels engineered on to it and UV world domination are nice little things to keep us going.

With our ever increasing customer base and impressive customer retention statistics our main aim is to at least maintain our current levels of customer service, our number one priority.  The development of UVO3 remains an organic process that is moulded around our client demands and though that may mean less and less time dedicated to traditional workloads, we dont find our customers mind one bit. In this future year the lucky people who find us or dare pick up the phone (especially when I answer) will be in store for more of the same, real life people and a few who know what they’re talking about. You wont find a ‘press 1 for sales’ or ‘funky pipe music’ here,  just good old fashioned help and advice.

As our customer base expands we find ourselves being in the fortunate position where we have even more useful equipment stocked. To us this means that an obscure part that would have had me cross referencing Bulgarian Google pages a year ago will be sitting on our shelf now, quite useful as around 99% of people who I come into contact with need their lamp yesterday.

So, good luck to you all in this inhospitable economic environment and Happy New Year.