Welcome to episode 1 of the UVO3 blog.

This week we have been dealing with a problem in the automatic wiper department. Apparently waving a magnet around randomly near a UV unit does not instantly fix a non-functioning wiper inside. So after much debate and deliberation around the office “we” decided to change some parts over, not get a stronger magnet. The same “we” also decided that Andrew would be the best man to change the parts as he has the canny ability to manoeuvre exceptionally well in the gap between upside down facing control panels and the floor.

I learned a handy little tip about UV intensity dropping off after 10-15 minutes as well this week. According to recent events, having a squashed o-ring can, in time, let small amounts of water into the inside of the quartz sleeve and although it may not be enough to damage the lamp, the steam produced because of the heat from the lamp will reflect some of the UV rays back. Of course when the lamp is turned off the steam inside the quartz re-condensates and when it’s switched back on again the intensity reading is fine for another 10-15 minutes.

The awards this week are as follows. Andrew can be assigned the “Mass delete” award, I can personally see no other way his inbox could be clear, he receives in excess of 40 emails a day, at least. For myself I give the  “Glazed over eyes” trophy. When all around me was busy with orders going down, I stayed calm and went back to basics. Just because this looks very similar to me not not being aware of my surroundings, I can assure you , it’s just how I look when I concentrate.