Andrew’s skills in electrical engineering and magnet maintenance came into question this week, he put up a solid defence and we have now all decided that it wasn’t his fault at all and are puzzled to how we could even question his skills. The UVO3 technical department then tried to work out how magnets can be manufactured and installed wrongly, an ongoing discussion that I will keep you informed of though it looks like a wiring problem.

As for my week, I out-sold Andrew for a whole 3 hours up until lunch on Thursday when I ninja quick picked up the phone first thing and someone knew exactly what they wanted. Even had they needed some salesmanship applied, I was feeling good that day.  In regards to my water inspired picture hunting, the distractions are endless, I question the seriousness of everyone involved in water treatment. Check out this one though, I actually took this picture myself. I’m currently on a new mission to find videos for the answering of commonly asked questions. Not that I don’t know how to do that stuff, I do. I just thought a visual aid might be nice for some people as I ramble a bit and have been known to confuse people on occasion.

A special mention goes to Abi this week, apparently not stereotypically middle aged at all? She has made my week go much faster with a few interesting, fact filled emails. No awards for you Abi but that may be for the best. Andrew, despite a shaky start, finished the week like a powerhouse and gets the ‘domination’ award for not just finishing his work and the extras on top, but then coming for my work as well. Incredible to watch, and im not just saying that because he’s my manager. This week I get the ‘migration takes longer than you think’ award for perseverance to all things bird related.