Effluent disinfection is the disinfection of the outflowing of water or gas from structures such as wastewater treatment plant, sewer pipe or industrial outfall into a natural body of water. Without treatment, the wastewater will contain hundreds and thousands of dangerous bacteria that could infect the more natural water.

There are many ways that Effluent can be disinfected, but the safest for the environment is the use of UV light. UV light deactivates the bacteria so they cannot divide and take over the clean water that they enter, meaning they cannot replicate and infect future water ways. UV light is one of the safest disinfectants available due to the lack of chemicals that are needed and produced from the device.

When introducing a UV disinfection system into an effluent system, you need to make sure that the flow of water does not exceed the depth the UV light can travel. UV light can only get through a certain amount of water before it becomes ineffective. Making sure that the water flow is parallel to the UV light means that you receive the best disinfection of bacteria possible, nothing will be missed.

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