The need for sanitisation in the catering industry is vital. With bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella being present it is particularly important to keep everything clean and disinfected regularly to avoid illnesses within your workforce and your consumers.  There are multiple ways to keep your surfaces and tools cleaner, but many can taint food and cause other issues.

However, one such disinfection technique which is both safe and doesn’t compromise taste, smell or the composition of food or drink is UV and in particular UV water treatment.

What is UV water treatment and how does it work?

UV or ultraviolet rays are unique because of the rays’ intensity, which naturally is originated from sunlight and can cleanse most items they touch. When the rays hit the bacteria, it immobilises them by deactivating their DNA and making them harmless.

The way that UV water treatment works is through a UV lamp placed so that it is shining on the water. By exposing the water to the rays, it becomes a powerful tool to help sanitise objects which are placed into it as well as the water itself. This includes cooking equipment, food and even surfaces.

You may have seen beauty parlours and hairdressers sanitising their tools in a cleaning solution, however, when it comes to food and catering it is a different matter. In order to ensure the item is thoroughly sanitised the cleaning solution needs to be strong and, in most cases, these are often bleach or chlorine based. This is not recommended for any catering items as it can taint the items it touches which could transfer to food or drink. Even if you washed off the solution with water you may still have particles left which could be harmful. Then, you would also need to ensure through professional tests that the water is bacteria-free, which can be time consuming and costly.

By using our UV water treatment, we are making sanitation easier and quicker without the concern of needing to wash off harmful solutions.

Where can you use UV lamps in the catering industry?

The answer is pretty much everywhere. As you aren’t using strong chemicals the options are endless. You can use it when washing down food preparation surfaces, clean tools and machinery. You can even use the UV treated water in your machines such as for liquid sugar and brewing processes. It is the ideal way to disinfect your water without needing to worry that there are harmful bacteria still present.

From small domestic filters to heavy duty commercial treatment products, we offer a wide range of UV treatments to keep your household, factories, offices and other areas sanitised and safe.

To find out more about how UV water treatment can help disinfection processes within the catering industry or other sectors contact us today.

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