A lot of bacteria can infect a water system, which is why there are a lot of treatments that are installed into water systems that help remove the bacteria, which in turn protects us all from infection. But what happens to a water system that is treated by UV light that hasn’t had its UV lamp replaced in time? This blog will tell you the dangers of not replacing your bulb and leaving it to not work as efficiently.

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A lot of households and business are starting to see the benefits of using UV light to treat their water, as long as they maintain their equipment their protection should fail. However, there are times that the UV lamp replacement is sometimes forgotten, which can influence the cleanliness of the water that people drink or use in cooking. You should remember to replace your UV bulb every year or every 9,000 hours of use (whichever is sooner) as this not only helps maintain the level of protection but can help prevent anything going wrong with the system as a whole.

Infection Levels Rise

After the 12 months or the 9,000 hours, the system will no longer disinfect the water and you will no longer be protected from any microbiologically unsafe content that may be present in the water, but simply you are passing water through a tube of glass inside of a pipe. Once water passes through the system that is not disinfected and consumed, the bacteria can infect you, your family or your customers and can cause many health issues.

No Longer Effective

The germicidal properties of UV lamps are fuelled by mercury. Each UV lamp contains beads of mercury that created electrical arcs that disinfect the water that passes through the system. When heat is applied to the lamp the mercury emits UV-C light which wavelength is capable of neutralising bacteria. Once the 12 months or the 9,000 hours have passed, the effectiveness of the mercury has been exhausted and will no longer disable microorganisms within the water.

Unclean Water

The main reason you have installed a UV filter system is to ensure that the water that enters your premises is clean and consumable but once the UV lamps time is up and the filtration stops then so does that protection. The water that will enter your premises after this time will be dirty and unsafe for consumption. So, you need to ensure that your UV lamp is replaced every year or at least after 9,000 hours of use. This way you will maintain the safe water you are used to.

So, whether you are after commercial UV water treatment services? Or UV disinfection for your home? Whatever your specification, UVO3 are sure to have the right UV disinfection solution and UV water filter for you.

If you have a question about commercial or domestic UV service, UV disinfection units or anything else UV water filter related, contact UVO3 today on 01480 355 446 or fill in our quick contact us form.

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