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Advanced Oxidation Process in Water Treatment

Our Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) systems are mainly designed for use on effluent water treatment plants.

With the large diameter chamber, the industrial wastewater treatment UV units are designed to treat water quality of around 30/30 BOD/TSS

Advanox™; Advanced Oxidation Process with UV-C light and hydrogen peroxide. Pure removal without worries.

What do you do when you really need to get rid of your contaminants? How do you treat industrial wastewater to remove harmful medicines, pesticides and other micro pollutants from without breaking the bank? Which effluent water treatment process gives you the flexibility and the capability to tune your water treatment on-the-fly to changes in water quality or treatment goal?

Advanced oxidation process

The answer is; advanced oxidation water treatment (AOP/AOT). With this industrial water treatment technology UV-C light is used from the most efficient low-pressure UV water filter lamps available as a catalyst to make powerful hydroxyl-radicals from hydrogen peroxide or other oxidants. The advanced oxidation water treatment is so powerful that radically oxidises every organic contaminant they can find; a process that takes milliseconds and turns target substances into harmless residues like water and carbon dioxide with minimal by-products. The contaminants are literally broken down and there is no concentrate stream to deal with like membrane processes, activated carbon filled with contaminants or the risk for harmful bromate/chromate with application of ozone. Add to this an inherently low need for maintenance, small footprint and a robust process and it is clear this technology creates opportunities.

Depending on your needs and wishes this UV water treatment technology can be applied as a batch process with a CSTR (Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor) or in a continuous process with a PFR (Plug Flow Reactor). The systems developed by Van Remmen UV are designed from the ground up specifically for advanced oxidation water treatment with the newest CFD technologies (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and latest scientific insights (Wetsus, KWR). This pragmatic approach to effluent water treatment, rooted in a firm scientific base, proves itself continuously in diverse researches and applications:

  • For the removal of plant protection products from greenhouse wastewater (WUR, KWR, CEW)
  • For the removal of micro pollutants from industrial wastewater treatment plant effluent (KWR)
  • For the removal of cyanide from industrial wastewater (Antea, Lanxess, Tata)
  • For the removal of medicine residues from drinking water (KWR, Wetsus)

We invite you to challenge us with your advanced oxidation process water treatment, UV filter or UV disinfection related questions, we are eager to find a UV water treatment solution with you. Through the combination of Van Remmens UV specific knowledge of advanced oxidation, we know we are ready for you!


Please get in touch with one of our team and we will do our best to find the suitable UV water treatment solution for you.

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