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Swimming Pool UV System & Water Treatment Units

Van Remmen UV are one of the leading UV manufacturers for swimming pool UV systems in Europe.

With a large market share of the stringently regulated Dutch swimming pool UV disinfection industry, Van Remmen UV lamps have a reputation for excellence. Being their agent in the UK, this gives us unprecedented access to their knowledge. With PWTAG often referring to the Dutch market to shape their guidance, we often find ourselves ahead of the curve when it comes to swimming pool UV systems here.

The Rotterdam municipality started the Rotterdam Climate Initiative (RCI) in 2006, with the ambition to become a ‘low carbon’ city. To improve the city’s energy performance, an initiative called ‘Rotterdams Green Buildings’ (RGG) was established. The energy management and maintenance of the city’s properties is outsourced to an Energy Service Company (ESCo), and is defined by a performance contract. The first RGG project started in 2011 and included the renovation of nine municipal swimming pools.

Pool UV System Targets

The city of Rotterdam has three sustainability objectives:

  • Reduce the energy consumption and hence CO2 emissions
  • Optimising maintenance
  • Improvement of the indoor climate

During renovation of the nine swimming pools, the forthcoming Dutch water legislation regarding a lower legal limit for bound chlorine was also a point of focus.

Pool UV System Solution

After an extensive tendering process, the ESCo selected UV-C systems from Van Remmen UV Techniek. The sustainable, efficient design of their pool UV systems and their technical experience with UV-C were deciding factors.

The Rotterdam pools are equipped with ‘full flow’ UV-C units, which can treat capacities from 170 to 310 m3/h.

The UV-C energy disinfects the swimming pool water, removes chlorine resistant micro organisms (eg cryptosporidium & Giardia) and importantly, reduces the level of bound chlorine in the water.

Pool UV system – Project results

The bound chlorine content significantly decreased in all of the swimming pools being treated with UV-C. In the most recent project, a public pool in Overschie, the bound chlorine content decreased from 0.7 to 0.18 mg/l.

By reducing bound chlorine, less disinfection by-products (DBP’s) are created. As a result, less ventilation and heating are required. In the first year of operation this led to a 40% saving in gas consumption.

By using UV-C the chlorine usage also decreased significantly. This resulted in a reduction of 25% in chemical deliveries. Finally, each swimming pool uses 33% less make-up water, significantly saving on water service charges too.

Client: ESco Consortium
Project period: July 2011 onwards
Range: UV-C Units: S170 to S350
Project Cost: € 150,000


  • Improved water quality
  • Improved air quality
  • Healthier indoor climate
  • Reduction in bound chlorine content
  • Reduction in gas consumption by 40%
  • Reduction in chlorine consumption by 25%
  • Each pool uses 33% less make-up water

With UVO3’s pool UV services and advice, you can ensure that your swimming pool is disinfected and treated safely. Whether you are looking for a UV disinfection solution for a school pool, spa, hydro-pool or domestic hot tub – we have the right UV water treatment solution for you with our swimming pool UV system.

With UK guidance being directed towards the reduction of combined Chlorine below 0.3ppm, UV has been shown to be super effective. So much so that in our case studies, several clients have been turning their systems off overnight to save on the running costs of the pool UV system. While this isn’t recommended, it does demonstrate the effectiveness of the systems.

If you would like to know more about the swimming pool UV systems we have available, just contact us trough the form here under.

Domestic home UV water treatment systems

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