About UVO3

UV Disinfection Equipment Specialists

UVO3 are proud members of the Pollet Water Group, joining the group in January 2017. We represent a small but highly experienced company outside of their traditional water interests.

At UVO3 our ethos revolves around customer service. Everything we do here has a focus on you, our customers, and getting you the UV disinfection equipment you need with minimal hassle. We realise that UV disinfection services are a niche industry, so we use our knowledge to your favour and make it as easy as possible to get what you need – it all ties into our plan of UV world domination!

We are an Ultra Violet (UV) disinfection equipment and service company with a vast amount of experience in the UV disinfection industry. We are dedicated to using the experience, resources and contacts we have gathered in this time to offer you the service that best suits your needs.

We offer high quality genuine UV disinfection equipment products at great prices. We only deal in UV, therefore, you can be sure that we understand the marketplace demands and your requirements. All of our UV disinfection equipment is from either North America or Europe and is made from high quality materials to ensure that you receive an effective and robust product. That’s why we make our main focus customer service because we know that we are supplying quality UV systems and parts.

In addition to supplying parts and building bespoke UV systems, we have a servicing department that can help maintain your UV systems that are already in operation. Making sure your system is kept in optimal working order, advising on best practices and supplying replacement parts. Visit our service page for more information and to make an inquiry.

Our product development department helps to design and deliver our bespoke systems such as Air and Surface disinfection for the food industry whilst our warehouse team keeps the UVO3 wheels turning. For more information on the type of systems we build then have a look at the Industries and Products section, if you would like to know more then please do contact us.

UVO3 is headed up by Andrew Langford – General Manager. The sales and servicing teams are a friendly bunch so why not give them a call to discuss your UV requirements?

If you would like to discuss specific UV service projects or would like to know anything more about our equipment and product range, feel free to drop us an email and we’ll get back to you within 2 working days.

Our brands

We are the UK agent for Van Remmen and Atlas UV equipment. We also stock a vast range of consumable spares for other manufacturers, in our fully stocked UK warehouse just outside Cambridge.

Our blog

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