Bespoke UV systems

At UVO3 we understand that our ‘standard range’ of UV products might not fit your exact requirements.

At UVO3 we are specialists in UV disinfection and commercial water treatment, having built up extensive knowledge and understanding over the last 20 years, we are able to build bespoke UV systems that are tailored to our clients’ own unique needs.

Water treatment

Our technical team will liaise with you to understand your exact requirements, drawing up a technical specification for your system. We will carry out an onsite visit, if necessary, to be able to gage the size and capacity of the project. We are able to provide free-of-charge water sample testing to determine the transmission value or T10, carried out via our in-house laboratory. This information along with our technical specification will give us all we need to advise you on the most effective UV water treatment system for your requirements.


At UVO3 we don’t just limit ourselves to the treatment of water. UV can be used as an effective treatment for both air and surfaces. If you are looking at treating goods in a food environment or looking to make your workplace a safer place to work, then get in contact with one of our team of experts to discuss your needs.

We will be able to discuss the various applications of UV technology with you and can arrange an onsite visit, if necessary. Once we have gathered all the information, we need we will provide you with a technical specification aligned to your disinfection needs.

Speak to our expert technical team

Looking for a bespoke UV system to match your requirements then give us a call or complete our contact form:

UVO3 service

Do you regularly service your equipment?

Having made the investment in a UV unit the servicing and maintenance of your equipment is important. To ensure your equipment is effectively maintained UVO3 offer a full range of servicing options. From simple lamp replacements through to comprehensive service contracts which include replacing critical components and re-calibrating / validating your system.