UVO3 are the UK’s leading specialists in Ultra violet disinfection equipment. We deal with all the popular brands of UV equipment and even a few of the ones that aren’t



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Ultra violet applications.

While UV is well known for being used in water based applications. We push the limits of the technology to provide air and surface disinfection as well.

While traditional water disinfection makes up around 50% of our business here at UVO3, the other 50% is focused on providing solutions, often bespoke, to deal with a great number of commercial and industrial problems. Whether it be mould issues in a bread factory or bacteria mitigation on a bottling plant, UVO3 have a solution for you.

What is UV disinfection?

UV water disinfection is a commonly used water treatment technology that leaves no taint, chemicals or residues in the water. Disinfection using UV light is quick and clean and no bacteria, viruses or moulds are immune to the power of UV. UVO3 offer a variety of options to deal with any flow rate, from small houses right up to small rivers.  

UV disinfection systems, also called ‘UV sterilisers’ or ‘UV water filters’, comprise of a stainless steel reactor chamber housing, UV lamp or lamps and the protective quartz sleeves that the lamps sit in. We supply all of these parts for a host of systems. The lamps are tailored to emit UV at 254 nm, which is quite lethal to DNA contained in the cells of the organisms. The UV breaks and modifies their DNA chain, stopping the bacteria from reproducing and effectively killing it.

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Fully accredited to work within all commercial and industrial environments.

We have a full range of WRAS Approved units for all drinking water applications.

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