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Irrigation Water Treatment

With the Agri range we offer dedicated UV water treatment solutions and UV disinfection units to provide the most effective option for treating irrigation systems.

Van Remmen AGRI UV units have been successfully rolled out across many irrigation water treatment plants across Southern UK and Europe.

UV water treatment for irrigation systems

With additional irrigation and regulations increasing side by side, the AGRI UV disinfection units have proved to be a valuable tool in the irrigation water treatment process. AGRI units can be mounted statically or on a trailer and need a minimum of maintenance to continuing providing effective irrigation disinfection – especially in the UK, where end users are demanding stricter control over chemicals. The AGRI range are ideally placed to simplify the conformation process.

UV Spare Parts, Irrigation Water Treatment

With the demand for these irrigation water treatment systems growing year on year, the UV water treatment units come with a host of options as standard. These include the UV sensor and temperature sensor as well as an automated wiper system to keep upkeep and maintenance to a minimum.

At the moment, the largest flow rate we can get through a single unit is 325m³/hour so we can cover most applications as standard.

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