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UV Air Disinfection

UV air disinfection is a great, safe and reliable solution for areas with frequent footfall and high air flow.

UV air disinfection units are most effective where airborne contaminants need treating in a passive way. Our UV air cleaner units are often employed in busy factories but are well-suited to multiple locations. UV disinfection will remove bacteria and viruses from your environment’s air quickly and effectively – without the need for chemicals.

For smaller applications, especially those for treating specific areas we offer products such as the one linked to below. These are ideal for treating the air in rooms of around 20m² and are very popular at the moment due to the Coronavirus pandemic. UV air cleaners are great as part of a safeguarding system in high risk / load areas and also for personal use, as a precaution in the home for added peace of mind.

Much like our industrial equipment, these systems are ideal for treating viruses and bacteria including Legionnaires disease and Covid-19 but on a much smaller scale.

Where there might be a problem with an air handling system harbouring bacteria and distributing it throughout your work environment. We have several options available to us to deal with this including inside the air handling unit. More bespoke UV air disinfection and UV air cleaner solutions deal with the issue on the floor but tend to be more effective and flexible.

Common applications where we would expect air disinfection to be being used in are food factories, high tech manufacturing (especially in silicon wafer production), medical facilities and high-volume public buildings (such as enclosed sports venues or airports). Thinking about the mitigation of bacteria levels in applications like these is becoming more prevalent in the design stages and are easily retrofitted into existing UV air cleaner systems.


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