UV Technology in Food Processing

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From using UV to disinfect produce and packaging, treating water for washing fruit and veg, cleaning the factory air or treating waste water, UVO3 has an effective sustainable disinfection solution to match your requirements.

At UVO3 we pride ourselves on our expertise and knowledge about Ultra Violet (UV) technologies. Our team are able to take our customer’s requirements and design a solution using UV technology that can help reduce maintenance, maximise production time, save water and reduce overall operational costs.

UV is an effective water free alternative to post-harvest washing to decontaminate fresh produce. It is commercially viable, cost-effective and has been shown to increase not only the shelf-life of fruit and vegetables but also the quality and nutrition.

Using UV light to disinfect food and packaging removes the need for using dangerous chemicals, that can contaminate or taint products, and instead provides a chemical free process which is known to kill 99.9% of all bacteria as well as eradicating pathogens.

UV lamps can be fitted into pre-existing lines, i.e. over a conveyor to target the UV light onto the produce and packaging. Or custom units can be designed and developed to create a UV tunnel to make a 360 degree penetration of light across the produce.

Little maintenance is required for UV units, the only downtime needed is to replace the UV lamps. These should be replaced regularly, every 12 months or over 9,000 hours of use, whichever comes first, to maintain the effectiveness of the units.

Our technical team at UVO3 can help support you providing replacement lamps as well as fitting.

UV technology in food processing

Key features of our UV technology in food processing include:

  • reduces water consumption,
  • no chemical residue left on produce,
  • eliminates the need for chemical storage,
  • extends shelf life,
  • increases phytochemicals,
  • reduces maintenance,
  • eliminates the treatment and disposal of waste water.
UVO3 UV technology in food processing

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So why wait? Choose UVO3 for an effective, sustainable disinfection solution using UV technology in food processing to help you save water and reduce operational costs.

Our UV technology can also be used to:

  • disinfect packaging,
  • treat water for washing fruits and vegetables,
  • clean factory air,
  • treat waste water.

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