Our expertise in industrial UV disinfection and commercial UV water treatment means that we are able to provide you with flexible solutions at a great price.

Drinking Water

Our most popular range of UV systems

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Process Water

Our most extensive range of units. Treating anything from food factories to plant runoff.

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Advanced Oxidation

Covering service areas and treatment plants

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Our modular style effluent disinfection systems

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Swimming Pool UV Systems

Pool UV systems are a speciality of ours

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UV Air Disinfection

Disinfect a body of air safely and efficiently

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Surface Disinfection

For conveyors and production lines

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Water Features

Legionella prevention and safeguarding

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Agriculture applications are dealt with by our AGRI range of UV systems

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Commercial UV Water Treatment Systems

Take a look at some of the industries which require UVO3’s commercial UV water treatment services day to day.

A wide range of sectors require industrial or commercial UV water treatment systems, so UVO3 aim to provide our UV services for many environments. We have worked in many more sectors than the more popular ones below, but we have a bit more information on what’s shown here. If you’re interested in commercial UV water treatment but don’t see your application listed, just contact us directly to see if we can help. It’s more than likely that we’ve got experience in your field.