Safe spraying and irrigating, even during periods of drought

Safe spraying and irrigating, even during periods of drought

Van Remmen UV Technology and UVO3 help British agricultural companies produce safe food. With the Agri systems, they meet increasingly strict requirements, even with increasing drought.

Challenges for agricultural companies

Farmers and market gardeners take the utmost care of their products. With professional soil cultivation, good hygiene rules and crop protection against diseases and bacteria, they produce the highest quality products for the consumer. But that doesn’t get any easier. Food safety requirements from customers are increasing and increasing drought is increasingly leading to the forced use of (unsafer) surface water for spraying and irrigation. They certainly notice that in the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom is leading the way

“In the UK, supermarkets require fruit and vegetables to be sprayed with water that meets high safety standards,” says James Walker of UVO3. “For example, it must be free of high-risk viruses and bacteria. That’s challenging. Especially for companies that reuse water, such as nurseries that produce all year round. In addition, we are seeing more and more dry seasons, which means that as a farmer you have to be prepared for the responsible use of surface water or river water. There is, therefore, a great need for an economical solution that offers certainty of disinfection, so that the harvest is not endangered.”

The solution: Agri systems

That solution is Van Remmen UV Technology’s Agri system, which UVO3 installs throughout the UK. This robust UV system effectively disinfects irrigation water, regardless of the water’s turbidity or transmission. Thanks to a self-managing wiping function and high-quality low-pressure lamps, the system requires hardly any maintenance and minimal energy consumption. James Walker: “We install the unit, set everything up and the entrepreneur immediately has reliable disinfection. It is actually a very simple step, which is extremely cost-effective. Entrepreneurs can therefore continue to focus on their own work. That leads to many enthusiastic users.”

Experienced and service-oriented

James Walker is the point of contact for the users and knows the systems inside out. “We monitor performance to achieve maximum efficiency and are ready in case of malfunctions. The collaboration with Van Remmen is very good in this regard. They are an authority in the field of UV technology, with honest products and good information. Together we can quickly identify and solve problems so that we can offer customers the right help quickly.”

The results

The result is agricultural businesses in the UK can rely on safe, disinfected irrigation water for their crops and therefore safe(r) food, even in drought conditions, including water reuse. For example, one strawberry grower saved more than 90,000 Euros and 40,000 Euros in damaged plants. Moreover, it gave them more than 25,000 Euros in additional sales. Thus, the Agri’s contribute to business success as well as to sustainable and future-proof agriculture.


Contractor: UVO3
Location: United Kingdom
Purporse: Safe irrigation water fro food production
Solution: The Agri-System

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