What does your Sterilight ballast fault code mean? Well, unless it’s one of the following it’s likely that you’re reading the display upside down (Yes this happens over and over again) and that LEE is actually 337 days left on your countdown.



Your lamps 1 year lifespan has been spent, you will need to order a new lamp and reset the ballast to fix this code.

A2 – UV level alternating

Your lamps output has dropped below 50%. You will either need to clean your quartz sleeve with an acid based product, clean the sensor head or clean the window the sensor looks into. If all these fail, you will need to replace the lamp.

Low UV level

Either your unit is not powerful enough to treat the quality of the water running through it or once again, your quartz and sensor peripherals need cleaning. Water quality may need a test or retest to come to a conclusion on this. We usually find this happens the most when people go for a smaller unit than they need trying to save money, only to fail their water test later.

Blank LED display

Your unit is not plugged in or doesn’t have enough power being supplied. This is usually found out because the advice is to switch your unit off then back on again. If you have done this and the display is still blank, you have a faulty lamp and it needs replacing. On rare occasions, the internal fuse may have blown on your ballast rendering it useless. This is not replaceable and you will need a whole new ballast.

I can assure you, these are the only fault codes Viqua Sterilight units are programmed to show. You can ring me up and talk about how your one is not on this list but I will bust your different fault code theory.

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usb sticks

One beetle recognizes another.


it’s the first time that I got chance to know those ballast,
before i only know magnetic ballast and electronic ballast

trey m austin

have a customer with a steralite u v and display shows E E E E
have not found anything that can tell me what that error code means. If you have any info. let me know, thanks, Trey Austin
Water Technology Company

Teri Stephens

What does error 0374 mean?. Our lamp went out, so we replaced it and now it’s still beeping and says 0374. After the lamp went out I suggested unplugging the unit, since it wasn’t working, anyhow, but my husband left it beeping for 5-6 days. When he replaced the bulb he said the unit was very hot. What’s wrong – is the fan out causing overheating? Is there a wiring problem or the bulb bad?? HELP!


i HAVE a3 showing and understand lamp requires replacement how do I reset the ballast. Any help would be greatly appreciated


A3 code but we have new bulb in. At first we thought it was a faulty bulb so we ordered a second one and it’s still throwing that code


How about error code 0t??


my counter is reading 376 and climbing it is also throwing A-3 code I have cleaned pins and found no problems unit will not reset.


My Electronic controller showing A3 fault. I changed Bulb & try to reset but still A3 error not going. I replaced controller with new & its working good. Again i replaced bulb & fix old bulb in stand of new bulb. The new controller still working good.
So what is the exact problem of my controller which is showing error A3 ?


The controller model is as below…
“VIQUA model- BA-ICE-CM”


I changed my bulb and got all the correct displays on the controller then the next day it started beeping so I reset the controller again and the reset was faint on the display and the 365 was faint and only came on for a second then the screen went blank. Did a couple of more resets with the same results. Is it the controller that is bad, it has only been 3 years since the unit was installed. What is the life of a controller?