UV or ultraviolet can be used for many different disinfection purposes. From UV units to UV lamps, they can be used on an array of items from pools and taps to surfaces and medical equipment.

The effects of UV disinfection were first discovered back in 1877. Since then, it has been perfected over the years to make it an effective way to deactivate harmful bacteria and keep us safe from deadly viruses. But are there any disadvantages of using UV disinfection or UV lamps to remove bacteria and harmful diseases?

Discover the advantages and disadvantages of using UV units:

Advantages of using a UV filter

– Kills bacteria without affecting taste, smell, or composition of water
– Safe to use – no concerns of dangerous chemicals burning your skin during the UV disinfection process
– Eliminates 99.9% of all bacteria
– Eco-friendly – no damage to the surrounding environment and low energy usage
– Cost-effective and inexpensive
– Quick process to kill bacteria

Disadvantages of using a UV filter

– Not suitable for large bodies of water as UV lamp must penetrate throughout the water and rays have a limited effective reach
– Requires electricity to work
– Not effective in muddy or mirky water so may still need another filter installed as only effective in clear liquid
– Doesn’t remove dissolved purities in water such as arsenic and pesticides

Like every sterilisation process, there are potential disadvantages of using UV disinfection solutions. However, UV water experts will provide you with a personalised solution to fulfil your industrial or domestic needs.   

Despite some limitations, UV units are greatly outweighed by the benefits. This is the reason why you will often see UV lamps and units being used in locations such as hospitals and industrial areas to keep the areas bacteria-free.

Here at UVO3, we offer a wide range of UV units from small domestic products to larger scale UV disinfection units for businesses and industrial purposes.

With our knowledge of UV lamps and units, we can advise on the best-tailored solutions so you can enjoy an eco-friendly, effective disinfection process without the worry of affecting your family or staff’s health. Contact us today to find out how we can help you implement an effective and safe water treatment thorough our latest UV disinfection systems.

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