Atlas lamp keyIntroduced in 2016, the Atlas lamp key has been causing trouble ever since (by way of confusion, not because they’re rubbish). The problem is that quite often, they’re either not expected to be there or they’re thrown away by mistake.

Atlas lamp keys can not be purchased separately. If you lose the one from your lamp by mistake, you’re in trouble. The only way to get another one is to purchase a new lamp again.

The lamp keys come attached to the end of your lamp. They’re wedged on quite tight so you’ll have to tease them off. You’ll definitely see it when you’re getting the new lamp ready though.

Now the good news. They make sure your lamp is operating correctly and automatically resets your countdown timer for you. That means the systems even easier to use and safer at the same time.

I’ve heard them called many things including Atlas USB cards, Atlas lamp fob, Atlas toggle, Atlas chip, Atlas pin protector. It’s the black bit that comes on the end of the lamp that needs to be swapped out with the old one.

Hopefully that will help clear up some of the confusion around the Atlas lamp key. If anyone looks up any of the terms I’ve included here. Let me know if you call it something else and i’ll include it to help other people in the same position.

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