UVO3 are currently supporting Sterilight with their ‘Get Genuine’ campaign. The campaign is aimed at informing end users that while alternative lamps and other equipment might work in your UV unit, they are not completely compatible. The Sterilight systems have been continuously tweaked and refined over the years to be a complete and robust product. By introducing ‘knock offs’ into the system you will not only invalidate your warranty, but also compromise the effectiveness of your system.


Genuine Sterilight lamps will give you the industry standard UV dose from day 1 and continue throughout the year, this is a guarantee. What is the UV dose of the lamp you have in your hand? It doesn’t matter! With Sterilight, you can rest assured that you are getting what you need to through the whole annual cycle. That’s a Sterilight Promise (that’s right, with a capital ‘P’!!!) Now if you’ve strayed to the dark side, don’t worry, we’ll welcome you back. Just order an appropriate lamp and throw that old one back where it belongs.