So you want to know how to reset a Calmag controller. The good news is that it’s easy. The bad news is that there are a couple of different CalUltra units in their range that you will need to choose from.

By following the instructions below, the controller will not only stop beeping at you but also start counting down from a year again. Although the units are different, the reset instructions are the same across the range. It’s just your reset button is in a different position.

  • First turn off your power from the plug.
  • Now hold down the reset button – This is the black button on the end for older units or a white button under the screen on newer ones.
  • Keep it held down.
  • Now turn the power back on. Yes, you still have the reset button pressed down.
  • Wait for the RSET screen to show on the older units (it takes about 5 seconds). The new ones will show you the fancy progress bar.
  • Release the reset button

There, that’s it. Your done. Feel free to leave comments below about how I’ve made your life better!