These domestic UV water treatment systems are designed to be used in the home or on small commercial applications where flow may not be constant.

All the units we supply are uncompromised in terms of quality. They are WRAS approved and have superb warranty on them (10 years on the UV chamber, 3 years on the controllers & 1 year on the UV lamps, quartz sleeves & UV sensors *Atlas units only)

The Atlas UV range is designed for reliable, UV disinfection of drinking water and can treat flows from 11.4 l/min (0.7 m³/hr) up to 151 l/min (9.0 m³/hr). These home water treatment units benefit from axial flow, polished stainless steel chambers and are coupled to a unique and innovative controller featuring a user friendly colour display which gives meaningful user feedback messages. Atlas UV units can be easily upgraded at any time with UV sensors and volt free contacts via simple plug-and-play connectors. Lamp changes are carried out without the need for any tools using the unique ‘twist and lock’ bayonetted style lamp connection cable.

The Sterilight range of UV water disinfection units from Viqua combine high output, low pressure lamp technology with highly efficient electronic ballasts. They are tried and tested and while not as modern as the Atlas systems, have a great reputation providing a robust and reliable domestic water treatment solution. The simple design of their UV units is considered bullet-proof in the industry, and after 15 years in production, shows no signs of going anywhere.

Select your home size below:

Package Deals

Standard Combo

A great sized unit for a 2-3 bed home that includes the UV and filter system.

  • 22 litre/min capacity.
  • Our most popular package.
  • Great design for easy installation and maintenance.

After requests from our customers, this was the first pre packaged ‘combo’ setup we offered. These include a WRAS approved Atlas UV unit and pre-filter set. The standard UV filter package also comes complete with a pack of 6 filter cartridges.

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Large Combo

The large combo is ideally suited to the 3-4 bedroom family home.

  • 41 litre/min treatment capacity
  • Compact filter profile.
  • Optimum cost vs. treatment capacity package.

The large UV filter combo is great for treatment of 3-4 bedroom houses, or slightly larger homes where there is less demand on water use. With ultimate quality in mind, it comes complete with a WRAS approved Atlas UV unit and a filtration system

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Extra Large Combo

The extra large combo is our no nonsense option. If in doubt, go for this!

  • 79 litre/min optimum capacity.
  • Ideal for large 4+ bedroom homes.
  • Large diameter chamber for improved heat management.

The pre-assembled extra large ‘combo’ package including a WRAS approved Atlas UV unit, pre-filter set and filter cartridge offers a great saving on a big piece of equipment.

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