As the resident in-house blogger at our company. I thought I’d leave some honest feedback on how I’m getting on with the blog so far. This is somewhat of an interim blog, so normal informative service will resume next week.

Recently inspired by Neil Pasricha’s ‘1000 Awesome things’ award winning blog, I’ve decided to try spice up my blog a bit by adding some of my own personal thoughts and feelings about the topics discussed. That does not include this weeks edition. Now as a serious blog with a view to enlighten and educate folks about the wonders of UV disinfection, I still have a goal to achieve. And despite my informal writing style (Soon to be addressed), I will continue to do so. I understand that trying to gather some kind of following on a blog about water treatment may be slightly more difficult that I originally thought it would be, and coupled with this being my first blog, points to me being up against the odds. I foolishly assumed people would flock to read my witty and informative posts and that the word of ‘A new blog in town’ would spread like wildfire.

I figure by mimicking an already popular blog would only help bring my own up in some way. I’m not going to copy, it’s not my style and I’ll almost defo get found out at some point. While conducting some research I’ve come to the opinion that saying things that provoke other people to say controversial things is a good way to go. Being funny, And knowing your stuff to help people that would otherwise be floundering gets good feedback as well. I very much doubt water treatment is controversial enough to get people riled and being out right funny may not be totally appropriate in my situation. Though to an extent I suppose I’m going to word myself inappropriately anyway. Helping people is cool, I can do that and it’s my job at the end of the day, so it’s something I’ll continue to do regardless of the amount of spam I have to wade through. It may just be that being a provider of useful and sometimes interesting information may not be enough when competing for followers of my blog, a certain extra something may be required? Maybe i could review something each week.

Being a high spirited fellow will work in my favour in this instance and I’m certainly not one to give up, the UVO3 blog will have followers! Not that the blog is a failure, the opposite in fact, the people who find it tend to be very positive. In the calm before the storm of popularity, feel free to leave comments and feedback on how you think I can make a water treatment blog bad ass. I won’t ignore any serious comments though I may burn some of the negative ones. Who knows, some controversy may be unearthed.


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10 years ago

do you think somebody read this without pictures?
(would prefer nice lady in swimming pool)

10 years ago

why are messages removed?
are no comments allowed?