UV disinfection systems are becoming very popular with food manufacturers, as consumers are becoming wary of what is being used in the production of their favourite foods. Consumers will turn away from brands if there is something they are not happy with, like the use of harsh chemicals. This is where the use of UV lamps comes in, there are multiple reasons why a company should introduce a UV lamp into their food hygiene process, such as UV light does not alter the taste of the final product, it does not require additional chemicals, and it also requires very little maintenance.

As mentioned in a previous blog “How are UV Lamps used in Aseptic Food Packaging?” a major part of the importance of having UV lamps in food manufacturing is the ability to perform aseptic food processing, a process which sterilises all food products, including filling, packaging all while maintaining a sterile environment. This is particularly important as food manufacturers do not want contaminated foods to leave the factories and reach the consumers. There are many benefits as to why food manufacturing companies are turning to aseptic food processing, such as more convenience, less energy required and the protection of nutritional content.

UV Lamps - Food Hygene

Another product that food manufacturers are installing are hand hygiene UV light boxes, which are specifically built boxes that emit a UV light onto any surface that is placed inside. For example, users can place their hands inside, especially after placing a specific hand lotion onto them and washing their hands straight after. Once they place their freshly washed and dried hands into the box, the UV light bounces off the lotion and shows the user where they have missed from the washing. Once the user sees the sections they have missed, the user should then go back to wash their hands again. This is especially important as it is a way of preventing any cross-contamination that may have occurred.

So, whether you’re after commercial UV treatment services? Or UV disinfection for your home? Whatever your specification, UVO3 are sure to have the right UV disinfection solution and UV water filter for you. If you have a question about commercial or domestic UV service, UV disinfection units or anything else UV water filter related, contact UVO3 today on 01480 355 446 or fill in our quick contact us form.

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