Bringing systems out of winter mode isn’t hard but there are a few things to remember when you look into doing it. I’ll go through the more important things with you.

Double check there wasn’t water left in the unit. Honestly! The last thing you want is to blast broken glass down your pipe work because ice made it implode. Just have a quick peek and make sure the quartz sleeve is in one piece.

Disinfect your pipe work. While the UV will treat anything passing through the unit, if you’ve had anything get through there while it’s been drained down then it will completely bypass any treatment when it’s turned back on and potentially start a new breeding ground on the wrong side of the unit.

Have spares on site. If you switch your unit on and nothing happens, how quickly do you need it back on. If the answer is ‘pretty damn quickly’ then consider having a couple of the more important spares on site. A spare lamp and quartz will get you through most problems.

There are a few other things you can do but common sense rules here. If you’d like anything double checking then just give us a call and talk us through what you have. We’ll be happy to tell you if you’re doing it wrong.