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A Guide to using UV Water Treatment in your home

So, you have made the investment in your UV Home water treatment system, and once the system is installed it should work perfectly every time you need it. However, there is the occasion when parts will need to be replaced or even cleared. We have created a quick guide to highlight the items that will be required to be cleaned or replaced and reasons behind this. So, to make sure your UV Water treatment system works a treat all year round, you should follow these tips:

UV Water Treatment in your home - UVO3

Lamp replacement

A major part of using your UV water treatment system is the lamp replacement, this bulb needs to be replaced every 12 months or around 9,000 hours. After this time the lamp loses its effectiveness and will not treat the water passing through. Even if the bulb still shines, it still needs to be replaced. Changing the lamp or bulb is crucial to keep the system working correctly, otherwise microorganisms may not be effectively treated.

Lamp maintenance

Like with most systems, maintenance is an important aspect to keep your UV system working effectively. To start cleaning the lamp we recommend wearing gloves as this will help prevent contamination such as fingerprints on the surface of the quartz body. To physically clean the lamp, we suggest using a lint free cloth along with either isopropanol alcohol or isopropanol wipes and run the cloth along the quartz body making sure that dirt and dust is removed.

Make sure you handle the lamp with care whilst you clean and change them.

Pre-filtration Monitoring and Periodic Changes

In some systems a separate prefilter and a water softener may be needed in addition to your UV system. A prefilter system will help protect the UV unit and ensure that it functions properly. It’s important that you make sure that you properly maintain the prefiltration system and regularly confirm they are working as expected. The system should be checked throughout the year in case of a filter change or if the addition of chemicals or other solutions will be needed.

Pre-filtration Monitoring and Periodic Changes - UVO3

Whether you’re after commercial UV treatment services? Or UV disinfection for your home? Whatever your specification, UVO3 are sure to have the right UV disinfection solution and UV water filter for you. If you have a question about commercial or domestic UV service, UV disinfection units or anything else UV water filter related, contact UVO3 today on 01480 355 446 or fill in our quick contact us form.

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