With summer now officially over, we are now heading towards winter with its colder nights and freezing temperatures. You will need to prepare your UV disinfection system ready for anything winter will throw at it, here are a couple of ideas to integrate into your daily routine to protect your system from breaking.


With the freezing temperatures one of the main components in the system will freeze, this component is water. As we know water freezes at 0°C (32°F) and if your system is turned off with water still in your UV system overnight it will freeze and cause multiple issues for when you come to use it in the morning. One of the main ideas to integrate into your routine is to drain the system before the freezing temperatures hit. If you are sure you will not be using the system again that day, make sure you drain the system from any water, this will ensure that when you turn the system on again the next day water will flow through again without any issues. If you were not to drain the system, ice will form in the quartz sleeve and cause this to shatter which will allow water to gush out of the unit – you would then need an engineer to attend to fix the issue.

Looking after your UV Water System this winter with UVO3.


If you are in a situation where you are unable to turn your system off at night or are in favour of not doing so, then another way you can protect your system is by insulating the pipework. If you keep your system on, then the lamp will keep the water in the chamber warm enough for it not to freeze. However, your pipework would still be at risk of freezing, if the water in the pipes is non-moving then there will be more possibility for them to freeze and cause issues when you come to use the system. With this situation you might not need an engineer to attend but you would need to wait for the water to melt to allow the system to flow again.

Looking after your UV Water System this winter with UVO3.

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