and when to have them. So this may be a bit of a misleading term. Critical. It’s a pretty descriptive word that I’m going to try explain our reference point to. When we’re dealing with UV systems critical spares are the parts you need to maintain water flow. This is usually just the quartz sleeve and a lamp for the majority of you guys out there. If you need more than just these parts you’ll know about it.

If you need your UV unit online to have safe water coming into your property (most people do) then you should really have a set of critical spares. The beauty of having them to hand is that you’ll need them at some point anyway. They don’t cost you any more over the life of owning the UV unit. You just use the ones you have as spares first and replace them after.

If you’re still not sure, ask yourself this: If water started pouring out the end of your unit and there was a 3 day wait to get the part you needed to fix it, would that be an inconvenience to you? If the answer is yes then you need some critical spares.