Here at UVO3, our team of UV disinfection and water treatment specialists use the latest technology to provide UV disinfection solutions to a range of different industries. But where did it all begin for ultra violet light as a disinfection tool? Take a look at our brief history of UV disinfection:

uvo3 history of uv disinfection

UV light has long been an accepted method of water treatment and sterilisation. Discovered in 1801, though it wasn’t until nearly a century later when Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) was being used as a disinfection solution.

Physician and scientist, Niels Ryberg Finsen, can be thanked for a pivotal time for use of light for disinfection. Famous for his invention of modern phototherapy, Finsen was the first to use UV rays to treat bacterial infections and diseases. Finsen knew that sunlight could destroy bacteria and developed a successful UV treatment for skin tuberculosis, which won him the Nobel Prize for Medicine a year before his death in 1904.

uvo3 history of uv disinfection

The first, full-scale, UV disinfection system for water treatment was used in Marseille, France in 1910. Six years later, the first US application of UV water disinfection was used in Kentucky.

UV lamps first became commercially available in 1930 and following the end of the Second World War in 1945, germicidal UV lamps became more and more commonly used to disinfect air. Today, UV air disinfection units are often employed in busy factories, hospitals and other enclosed venues. If you’re looking for a passive way of treating potential airborne contaminants, take a look at our UV air disinfection services.

By 1985, there were approximately 1,500 UV treatment plants in Europe. Having continued to grow and grow in popularity, 15 years later, over 6,000 plants were operating in Europe.

Over the years, UV disinfection specialists have continued to advance UV technology’s applications and opportunities, including process water treatment, effluent water treatment, Legionella prevention and more.

uvo3 history of uv disinfection

At UVO3 we can provide expert UV disinfection products to both a commercial and industrial audience. From UV water treatment systems in the home, to large scale advanced oxidation UV water treatment, designed for use on effluent water treatment plants. At UVO3 we can cover all of your UV disinfection needs, contact us today and discover how we can help you!

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