UV water treatment

Why it is important to use genuine UV lamps

Here at UVO3, we feel it’s worth understanding why it’s important to consider using quality genuine UV lamps for your UV units.

In our experience, we have learned that customers are fundamentally looking for genuine ultraviolet lamps that effectively do what they say on the tin and that’s to produce the correct wavelength of UV for a sustained period. We have had feedback from customers globally and they all agree that low maintenance and consistency are key drivers to making a purchasing decision.

We have put together a few points that we feel anyone who is interested in using UV technology or is already using ultraviolet systems should perhaps consider.

  •  Quartz sleeves

The quality of the quartz tube or sleeve has a direct impact on the transmission efficiency of the ultraviolet light emitted from a lamp. It can even impact on the length of the lamp’s life expectancy. 

Quailty UV quartz sleeve replacements
  • Endcaps and electrodes on lamps

Ever seen a blackened end on a UV lamp? This is perfectly normal with such high operating temperatures and can be a common occurrence. Specialist coatings and care when manufacturing will help to extend the lifetime of the lamp. 

  •  Quality

Like any bespoke item, UV lamps demand more care and attention and tend to produce a higher quality end result. With such a wide range of applications from printing to disinfection, there are now millions of ultraviolet lamps in circulation. To cope with demand, mass production facilities have popped up in a lot of major manufacturing economies. In our experience, less care is taken in producing the final item in such environments. This is where quality can start to slip and results in a market awash with inferior products. It is always best to buy from a recognisable brand or to double-check where the UV lamps are being shipped from.

  •  Testing

It goes without saying but the performance of our UV lamps is key. When producing an item that must operate at certain wavelengths and under high temperatures, it is so important that each lamp can perform as expected. This comes down to manufacturing knowledge, experience, and testing. 

Here at UVO3, we have over 20 years of experience in sourcing and supplying UV lamps, quartz sleeves and other replacement parts for a whole range of UV units and systems.  

Van Remmen UV Unit
  • Availability

Many lamps are built to unique specifications, so it is sometimes hard to hold large quantities of stock for quick delivery, however, we make it our obligation to ensure we have a healthy stock of our most popular lamps and quartz sleeves, ready to ship straight from the shelf in our UK warehouse. We are always seeking new opportunities to improve our service and lead times on deliveries as we understand our clients are looking for quick delivery times without having to compromise on quality.

So, what do YOU gain from using high-quality genuine UV lamps?

Making the right selection for your ultraviolet lamp will bring with it the following benefits:

  •  your lamp life lasts longer;
  •  your lamp will have reliable UV transmission;
  •  you lamp will lower your maintenance requirements;
  •  your lamp will be much less likely to break or be subject to failure;
  • yu lamp will give a higher return on your investment.

Everything we do here has a focus on our customers and getting you the UV disinfection equipment you need with minimal hassle.

At UVO3 we realise that UV disinfection services are a niche industry, so we try to use our knowledge to your favour and make it as easy as possible to get what you need.

We are dedicated to using the experience, resources, and contacts we have gathered to offer you the service that best suits your needs.

To find out more about how we can assist your UV requirements, contact us via telephone: +44 (0)1480 355446 or email: sales@uv03.co.uk

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