If you are looking at installing a UV unit in your home then it’s likely you’re using it in tandem with a pump. Pumps can be difficult to get your head around but they have been used in ponds and swimming pools around the world with great success for many years. With a bit of care they can be used safely alongside a UV unit with no problems at all.


The problem with using a UV filter with a pump is that there is glass introduced directly into the water system. If the pump is allowed to exert water hammer through the UV unit then there’s a chance the quartz will break. The one positive thing about this happening is that you’ll know right away. Water will tend to come gushing out of the UV unit and the alarm will likely start beeping like mad.


We recommend that the UV unit and pump be compatible. If you have a huge pump capable of producing many times the capacity of the UV unit then not only would it have been undersized but should the pump ever go up that high, the pressure rating would likely be exceeded.


If flow is changed suddenly (either turned on or off) then the same happens. We recommend this is dealt with by a gradual increase in flow until up to running parameters, the same is needed in reverse when shutting the system down. As well as that, we don’t recommend a straight connection from the pump to the UV unit. This will just help any irregularities that the pump may produce.


Will my UV unit work with a pump? Yes, pumps and UV units are more than compatible when a bit of care and attention is applied.