Are UV Systems Environmentally Friendly?

UV systems have been cleansing water for 100 years now, but is it as environmentally friendly as experts make out? Are UV Systems Environmentally Friendly? We will be looking into what makes it environmentally friendly and why it should be implemented in domestic homes as well as commercial kitchens.

Ultraviolet light comes in many different wavelengths, but in UV disinfection we use a wavelength of 253.7 nanometres as this disinfects bacteria, viruses, moulds, algae, and other microorganisms that can multiply and grow, but is a safer alternative to use than a higher wavelength and even safer than the use of chemicals to purify water.

No Chemicals

Most organisations use chemicals to disinfect their water, but everyone knows the huge impact that using chemicals such as chlorine has on the environment. However, with the current concern for the environment, organisations and individuals are looking for ways to reduce their own impact on the environment. Many organisations are turning to high-energy UV radiation for the use of Water treatment and disinfection because it’s a more environmentally friendly method that can help reduce an organisations or individuals impact on the environment.

No Environmental Impact

Thanks to the use of a natural source of ultraviolet radiation, a simple UV light can dissociate the DNA within living cells which prevents further growth and reproduction. As ultraviolet is nature’s way to purify, there will be no toxic by-products produced when used in a water treatment system. Additionally, even though it’s used to cleanse water it’s completely safe for humans to consume, especially as nothing is added or removed from the water. As there are no chemicals used in the cleansing process, there will be no pollution of the water and the surrounding environment.


With the way that the UV light penetrates bacteria it means that there is a 99.99% chance of ‘destroying’ harmful bacteria, which means that it’s less likely for organisations to introduce a second system that may have to use strong chemicals to make sure the water is purified correctly.

So, whether you’re after commercial UV water treatment services? Or UV disinfection for your home? Whatever your specification, UVO3 are sure to have the right UV disinfection solution and UV water filter for you.

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